I have started working with sound when I was a youth. My father bought himself a tape recorder to be used during a comical in a family festivity. After that he never really used it. But I did. Recording things from the radio. First the songs I liked and then after that, using start/stop or perhaps “stop motion” I did my own collage music at the age of 12 or 13. I picked it up again when I went to university and wanted to make a special present for my friend Peter K. Then I worked with cassettes and again stop motion.

This evolved with the use of radio, the sound of my recitations, the interference of calculators at play, records spun manually, the buying of a Korg ms10, a Roland 606, a Fostex 4track recorder, a small home organ, a piano, etcetcetera. I learned to play a bit on instruments (keyboards, guitar) but always returned to experimentation with sound. I started a band that was influenced by The Residents. It was called Delftsch Wormenkoor (Delft Worm Choir). This was abandoned after a few cassette releases and then THU20 started. By accident, but with a lot of fun.

Then I got married and I continued my solo career. I have always regarded my ‘career’ as a path filled with stepping stones. You choose the stone of your liking and continue your route from there. Every day is a learning day, and every release is a showcase of my development. These days I also work as a mastering engineer for other people. Because I think I am good at it and because I like doing it. Read more about that [ here ]

If you want to book me for a live performance, use [ this link ]