In 2001 I first heard [ Asmus Tietchens’ “Von Mund Zu Mund” ] and was very impressed by it. The use of voice and the violence and the abuse of human speech and language was very captivating. I have always been intrigued by the human voice and language as my catalogue makes quite clear.

I heard in Tietchens’ compositions diffierent characters and started writing up a (classic, cliché) story about an opera singer in Hamburg in the early 50’s. She is quite successful, indeed so much that people come from all around listening to her voice. Tourist agencies organize trips for people to even listen to her practising on stage. The opera singer has a personal assistant, a misformed little man with a lisp. Then, one day the opera singer is found killed. An inspector of the police starts an investigation. Who did it? The tour guide? The personal assistant? Some fan? In the EAR 2 EAR suite every character gets a part on stage, but there is no solution (as in: who did it).

I worked on the music on and off for a couple of years, until 2004. I negotiated with Die Stadt, the label that originally released the three 7inches of Von Mund Zu Mund. Unfortunately, after a year or so, Die Stadt decided not to go ahead with the release. This was of course a disappointment but in the meantime I had found another direction for experimentation: video. I had stumbled upon the software of [ VVVV ] , an open source tool, much like MAX/MSP but not that expensive (in fact it was and still is free). So, I decided, I will not let my head hang down but make the endeavour even more ambitious: start a video project which supports the audio. And so I took off, working for months mastering the art of VVVV, video editing, rewriting the audio parts to fit in with the video sequences. The final edits were done early 2006.

As you can guess, getting the video material released as a DVD was even more problematic. The material has been gathering dust since 2006. There have been a few public viewings but not with all of the material. The reviews were favorable but the commercial viability wasn’t.

This is the first publication of the entire suite, consisting of six sequences.

Just click the picture to go to the entire album.

You can watch it in one go, or pick one of the sequences.

Unfortunately VIMEO has not transfered the individual sequences properly. This means that there are hiccups during playback. The complete sequence “EAR to EAR, video opera suite (2001 – 2006)” does not have these problems. Sorry for the inconvenience.