Yesterday I did a survey of the works that I have done for Radio Dub Soundtrack, step 2. As I described in [ this ] post I have defined three steps for this project. Step 2 is the rhythmical, perhaps even commercial part of the total project. I now have 8 works, totalling 45 minutes. All works are in different styles. There are 3 that are lazy, ambient, dubby whereas the others are uptempo. Naturally there is a strong Jos Smolders aspect present. It would be pointless to try and achieve music that does not feature the artist’s personal flavour. Yet, my goal was to stick to the rules of the style. You can hear most of the stuff that I did on my [ soundcloud page ]. These are called ‘early cloud renders’ because that is just what they are.
In the next few weeks I will be concentrating on cranking up the sound. Strangely enough I find this hard to do. I have already done my best, so what else can I do? I’m sure I’ll find things. Go back to the individual track and scrutinize its sound, the sound itself and the sound in context with the other sounds.
We’re always learning.