Last month I finished my post-production/mastering job for Denis Kolokol. A very inspiring, daunting and at times hectic project. Denis composes exactly the stuff that is up my alley. It is full of dynamic curves and uses the full frequency spectrum. Love it.

Denis sent me four tracks in various stages. All of them were ready as far as composition was concerned. Denis just had some concerns about sonic issues and asked me to look into them. Fortunately I was able to make some suggestions that he was enthousiastic about. Of a few compositions, most notably “Proud To Be Loud” he sent me submixes. I simultaneously love working with submixes and find it very challenging because sometimes you drive into alleys that the composer doesn’t appreciate. I always ask composers to be clear about their intentions. If I give a suggestion (a certain mix sample) and they don’t like it, I want to hear it straight away.
Denis’s assignment was very rewarding and he is proud of the result. The Polish music label [ mathka ] will release the music any time soon. Please check it out. In the mean time you can listen to an excerpt below.

A new major assignment is for the next release of Franz Fjödor aka [ Wouter Jaspers ]. Thursday he and I had a good discussion about his intentions and he showed some of his new recordings. I can’t of course not go into the details of what I heard but it will feature a very interesting progression from his previous release (which I also mastered, btw). Wouter is not a composer who lingers within a genre and is always searching for new horizons. His new work turns away from droney work (although it’s still present) but will also drift into the fields of both electro acoustics and vocal work. So stay tuned about this!! We agreed that I will do both mixing (second stage) and mastering. We will start in the last month of this year and hope to have a finished product at the end of February 2011.