Today I did an analysis of the music that I compiled so far for Radio Dub Soundtrack (RDS), step 1. The picture below gives an overview. What you see is first three tracks with the different sound files that are renders from the original mixes. I have colored the parts that are originally from one composition. What you cannot see is where I cut out parts. Plus I should mention that the pink composition was originally in a different order. You can see that there is a cut at approx. 21 minutes. That’s where part 1 (in the original version) starts. I decided to start with part 2 because it connects better to the previous composition. The blue composition (starting at 7:30) was originally twice the length but I have cut a lot of BS.

In track 4 you can see the render (mono) of the tracks above and below that is a spectral view of the render. The brighter the color the louder the volume, low is low frequencies, above is high frequencies. I have made markers (the orange lines) in a 3 minute tempo. I have always measured the attention span of a listener in sections of 3 to 4 minutes , and so I try to make a ‘movement’ every 3 minutes. As you can see there is a ‘gap’ between 15 and 18 minutes and I will make something work there in a next phase. The green blocks on top of the picture indicate  where there is really something rhythmically or percussive  going on. This too is of some concern. When I take the original intention in mind I think that some parts are insufficiently related to the idea of popular rhythmical music. So that will take me back to the drawing board as well.
EARLabs, RDS situation September 14, 2010