Haven’t been blogging for more than 10 days now. So what’s been going on? Well, first of all one of my nearfield monitors  started coughing 50hz noise. Had to have it repaired. Next my Echo soundcard went belly up during a recording session. All very unfortunate. The result isn’t that I can’t do anything but it feels like anything you do is sub optimal. The replacement monitors (eight year old Spirit Absolute2 ones) are okay but not as sparkly as my Adam-A7’s. Plus I now use a 40 dollar Behringer USB soundcard (UCA202) which is REALLY sub optimal. Not only the soundquality (there is a constant beeping in the background) but also because the MIDI lag is awefull.

I HAVE been producing a lot of stuff, though. And it’s becoming more and more pop/funk/whatever like. I wouldn’t call it commercial but it’s in that area. I try to do a song every 2-3 days. See what happens. That, too, is experimentation. Producing pop music also means working in a ‘time =  money’ context. So I built up a drum, bass, melody construction on day 1 and from then on work towards a structure, and production, mastering  structure on day 2. If it’s difficult I allow myself a day 3. Then I leave it alone.

All of this is because the Radio Dub Soundtrack, step 1 is in hibernation now. As you may have read [ here ] the electro-acoustic stuff is finished and I need some time to distance myself. Just today I gave the project where all the mixes are stored in a preliminary order a quick listen. That was cool. I immediately kicked out stuff that wasn’t good enough and rearranged some elements. Tomorrow there will be a second session and then I will leave it again for a week or so. The next stage is to critically check sonic aspects and do a first mastering session. Sections which are not right will be mixed again. This requires a tight administration of versions of mixes and remixes and parts or remixes. I now have some 25 projects (compositions) underway. That is, with the rhythmic material, part of which will be included in Radio Dub Soundtrack, step 2.

I also did a rework of the Xilopi set which I published earlier through [ Soundcloud.com ] and the dubs are going better and better.