The past week I have been working further on a series of purely rhythmical constructions. Most of the used sounds have been derived from the original sequence called Radio Dub Soundtrack. You can hear five 1-minute snippets that give you an idea of how they sound.

The focus of my attention was on four things:

1. what’s it like to work with large quantities of repetitive modules?

2. how can I work with ‘grooves’ and still use 3/4 and 7/8 measures?

3. experiment further with commercial production techniques

4. if I start working in a rhythmical context, what will come out of that?

It’s been quite educational, so far and thus serves my purpose very well. The overall process made me think of the next step in the Radio Dub Soundtrack project. Currently I am reworking some of the tracks of the first series. You can read a lot about the original aims and my adventures down the road in the blog (just click on the tag Radio Dub Soundtrack to learn all about it). This second series takes parts or just single samples from the first series and uses them for a pure rhythmical sequence.  The next step will be to take the modules that are used in this second series and deconstruct them again for a third series. The third series consists of deconstructed rhythmical elements and thus returns to the original genre of electroacoustics.  In short:

1. the original series, consisting of a combination of popular sounds/modules/parts with more traditional electroacoustic structure

2. the second series, where the rhythmical parts and random samples from series 1 is converted into pure rhythm oriented constructs

3. the third series, where the rhythms and grooves are deconstructed again

To me, it’s all about the path. Going from 1 to 2 and from 2 to 3. It’s interesting and challenging to watch what will be the result after working my way back, just like I liked to struggle with basses and percussion and melody. The second series for instance for me relates very much to my previous post about structure and content. In this case I used the structure of rhythmical 3-5 minutes lasting compositions and dressed that structure with my personal (typically Jos Smolders) content.