This was my second vinyl release. I had developed my own style. I was working to get the best sound quality possible and worked with a computer already to get the best result. The master was done directly from computer to DAT. The quality of this master was further enhanced by a remaster in 2008.

There are 3 studies of specific material on side a. I was investigating the effect of stereo. Developed a particular attitude towards the fact that stereo makes use of an illusion (namely that the sound from the listener’s perspective comes from a different place than where the actual speakers are placed.) Side A consists of recordigns that have sounds coming either from left or right. The compositions can be played from one side only as well.

Side b consists of a studio edit of a soundtrack to a performance of Atty Bax. We performed this twice: in Dublin on the occasion of the opening of the Museum of Modern Art in Dublin and in Neurenberg on a festival.

The FLAC version is for sale for 5 euro’s. Mp3’s can be listened to online.