Two weeks in the Northern part of Italy with lots of field recordings. First week we spent on a high plane (1,500 meters). Going back to civilization required a 40 minute ride over 11 kilometers down the valley. The main cohabitants were many cows with bells hanging from their necks. The rest: lots of quietude and silence. Wonderful black bird songs from the trees in the steep hills. Then two days in Rovereto and Trento.
Rovereto has a wonderful museum as we discovered by coincidence. Designed by Mario Botta and featuring very nice modern art.  I can recommend it to anyone driving down from Austria down to Rome.

Second week we spend right in front of a big lake. We could have jumped off the balcony and scare away the many trouts. Recorded some pretty heavy thunder storms, by the way. Every other night there came one rolling down the mountains.

In the small hours I made a start with several new tracks. To be elaborated  during the next few months.