Working for other artists in the mastering area and preparing a live set I had abandoned my personal studio works. As you may remember, I was working on a series that combined electro-acoustic music with an investigation into rhythm.

This weekend I decided to just sit in front of my board and let the Muse tell me where to go. That was an interesting moment. I had really no idea before I sat there except that I wanted to produce a new work. So I sat down and just started listening randomly to my collection of music (20 seconds of this, 10 seconds of that, while rummaging through tracklists). I picked the second track of Funkadelic’s  “America Eats Its Young”, extracted the first two bars of the song and started doodling. The track is called “If you don’t like the effects, don’t produce the cause” which seemed quite appropriate :).

First I took the bars apart, then I took every note apart, then cut every part of the note apart meanwhile trying to make new combinations of the pieces I had. That worked out quite well, actually. You can see that in the screen shots. I stick to the bars, the high volume and low volume, but I switched all the particles. Quite interesting effect. After that I took the first bar of a rap by the currently absolute best hip hop band called Zwart Licht (Black Light). Listen to their album “Bliksemschicht”. Anyway, that rap starts with the line “Sorry dat ik zwart ben” (Excuse me for being black).  That line got the same treatment as Funkadelic.

So, with that material I started working. Extending and condensing, juggling with short snippets. I decided to enter something ongoing as a contrast to the staccato. Something classical. Well, actually it wasn’t really the classical part that made me choose it, but the fact that there was something that continued and had a melodious aspect that wasn’t immediately boring. Of course this part also got some modifications to make it more blend in with the overall sound.

Whatever: it was funny to see that I still can just sit down, empty my thoughts and something comes to life. As if it just pops up without my having any part in it. It simply presents itself. Unfortunately the rest of the week was impossibly busy because I had to finish up before leaving for Italy (which I will do tomorrow).