With pride I present the online release of one of the best concerts that THU20 ever did (at least, that’s what I think) : Live In Groningen.

The show in Groningen was during a big festival in the town of Groningen in August, 2000. We played three gigs in a sea container with the doors open. The audience was seated directly in front of the container. The weather was beautiful. I believe in total we had some 20 listeners. Which was a pity because, in my opinion, the Groningen concert was the best we have ever done.

Originally this was released on CD by Stichting Mixer. The mix of this concert has been remastered in April 2010, at EARLabs.

The total download of the album comes with an additional track documenting a radio show THU20 did at Worm radio in Las Palmas, Rotterdam in 2001. The complete (edited) set will be released later this year.

The downloads are also available in 24bit FLAC, so the quality is better than CD (let alone mp3)!! released 01 June 2010. THU20 was Roel Meelkop, Jac van Bussel, Jos Smolders, Peter Duimelinks. Thanks to Radboud Mens for the original release of “Live In Groningen”.