Thank god! Yesterday the package arrived with a PCM card for my laptop. I narrowed my problems with the Firewire card (see descriptions of previous live events) down to a weak firewire conversion chip. On the net there are several discussions about there being two different chipsets on the market that handle firewire traffic: Via and Texas Instruments. Most likely the native chipset in my laptop is produced by Via. After some hunting on the net I found that Belkin offers PCM/CIA cards that offer firewire connection and are equiped with a Texas Instruments chipset. I bought the Belkin F5U513VEA1 and did an extensive testdrive today. Hurray!!! Everything works flawless. Even pulling out the card and re-inserting it on the fly did not cause any problems and I was able to continue my session without having to reboot. Now, if I only had bought this thing 6 months ago…..

At least the concert in Köln, next week, will go ahead without technical problems. Later this week I will publish the score and a few sound samples. Stay tuned.