This Thursday I met up with Arturas Bumšteinas, the Lithuanian composer. I contributed to a series of works that is called “My Own Private Bayreuth”. The website of the Hotel Mariakapel in Hoorn (NL) says: “This year, the Lithuanian visual artist/composer Arturas Bumšteinas will represent HMK at the[ KunstVlaai/ArtPie ]. His work at ArtPie stems from his personal fascination with Wagner’s operas. Last year, Bumšteinas ordered tickets for a wellknown Wagnerfestival that’s held every year in Bayreuth, Germany. Upon his request for tickets, Bumšteinas was placed in a nine-year queue. He then decided that, every year he would spend on the waiting list, he would perform his own version of Wagner’s ‘Ring der Nibelungen’. During ArtPie 2010, Bumšteinas will work with a diverse group of local musicians, to perform several scores of the first part of the Nibelungen cycle, ‘Das Rheingold’. In executing the opera, Bumšteinas will be using a very systematic approach. His aim is to deconstruct the piece, to return to its core elements. He will then reconstruct these elements according to his own artistic idiom.”

This guy is really something special and I think everyone should at least take an hour to get into his world of thoughts.

Also met [ Maarten Ornstein ], a saxophone player with a very nice and warm sound and [ Goska Isphording ], pianist, organ player and most of all a warm personality. What we did was have the musicians play phrases from the scores of Wagner, feed them into my Audiomulch and then feed my result into Arturas’s loop player. It was quite fun to fill the entire big hall, that was mostly featuring visual arts, with stuttering flutes and saxophones.

The process was a bit hasty also because I lost a lot of time because my firewire connection (to the laptop) failed again and again and so I only found out in the last 30 minutes that it was such a good idea to record not only the final step in the process (that is: after Arturas’s loops) but also immediately at the start of my patch (catching the dry instrument) and at the end of my patch (catching all the edits and distortions).  grrrrmbll…!!

That firewire thing is still bothering me and I want it solved before my presentation in Koeln. I have ordered a pcm card for firewire with a Texas Instruments chipset. It seems that everyone agrees that the TI chipset is the only one reliable enough.