And again: a new release. It’s something from the past:  Jos Smolders and DMDN, Life Is In Constructed Disorder. This music is the soundtrack to a video by Janetta A3AnA. THU-member DMDN was asked by Janetta, a very talented video artist, to produce the music to her video project which was baptized “Life Is In Constructed Disorder”.

DMDN (Jac van Bussel) decided to ask me to help him out and together we pieced it. Combining sounds to the cyberworld proved to be quite a challenge and syncing the audio signal to the video even more. But in the end we had a successful result.

The video has been shown on various occasions, one of which was at EARational festival, where DMDN and I did a live version of the sound. That live version is what you hear on this release.