I have been preparing mulch5the performance that I will do on June 8th in Köln, Germany. I decided to construct something entirely new for this occasion. The evening has a certain theme: Pierre Henry. There will be a lecture on the music of the grand maitre, there will be interviews with Jerome Noetinger (Der französische musique concrete Virtuose) and me (Der niederländische Musiker und Musiktheoretiker) and there will be two performances. There are a few aspects of Henry’s  music that I have implemented into this new work. First of all, the construct is played through four channels. Then I work with rather raw sounds which are juxtaposed, changed over time, layered, and a given a very minimalistic melodic development. The sounds are mostly my own (recordings from Paris (Henry’s home town) and of my own home town) but there are also several taken from an open source sound library from the Berklee University. You can find the library [ here ].

In order to make this possible, I returned to my old workhorse Audiomulch. The new Audiomulch (2.0) is super strong; a flexible tool for creating sounds but also an organisational instrument. On the left you can see a screen shot of the patch that I created. There are 4 bays of sound which are played raw or routed through fx. Eight matrices can route each signal to one of the four speakers. The Mulch patch is controlled with a Behringer BCR2000.

There is on BIG problem that I am facing: the connection of my laptop to the firewire soundcard….. This connection is a bit unstable. I have had many trials  where after 5 minutes sound suddenly stopped. WTF!!? I now know that I need to keep the cable glued to the laptop, not moving a fraction of millimeter. And I have the emergency procedure to get the show on the road narrowed down to some 20 seconds. Not bad. My show in Maastricht was held up for 5 minutes when the card told me to go f*ck myself.

So,  the composition is not ready yet. But I have collected the ingredients. I am setting up a technical score. Will tell you about it soon.