In 2001 THU20 was invited by the infamous Anton Viergever, driving force behind the yearly Eearational Festival not to do a performance but to fill a space with sound. We decided to execute a performance concept that we had been discussing almost since the beginning of our existence: each participant played his own music from a corner of a room. Each with his own PA system. Somehow we never materialized this. Instead traditionally a THU20 performance was quite the opposite: the audience sits or stands around the players. Anyhow: this installation was going to do the 4 corner setup for us.

We made some sketchy arrangement about what was to be heard when (structured with words like ‘noisey here’, and ‘quiet there’) and each started to work in his own studio. After a while we met and collaged our personal tracks to a 4 speaker composition. The photo shows us listening at Roel’s address in Rotterdam. We crouched around his table and had four small speakers set up and listened to the quadrophonia. After we agreed about the result we let Roel do the math with a 4 track HD recorder (this was 2001, people!! That thing was quite big and heavy and difficult to operate).

This is a stereo rendition. It is a circular composition in the sense that it is to be looped and you walk ‘in’ and ‘out’ of it at random moments. Try this at home!