Have been working on publicity yesterday. Brought me right back to the days when I had the Laboratoire Moderne label still running. At the time getting files ready for download still required substantial action. Now it’s much simpler. You upload your files to Bandcamp in FLAC or WAV format, fill in a form and bob’s your uncle.

Getting attention from the press is still the same. Write a press sheet, allow access to the music, collect a list of editors to be contacted and start e-mailing. So, that’s what I have been doing yesterday. I e-mailed 10 different magazines, ranging from online mags to big ones like The Wire (UK), De-bug (German) and Gonzo Circus (Dutch).

Some magazines still do not accept online releases. I can see where that’s coming from but I simply don’t agree (of course). I see that magazines have to make a choice, since they receive so many applications for review. It’s the easiest way to just say: “any fool can publish his own music on the Net. Let’s skip those by default.” But the times they are a changing, dudes. There is a lot of music and a substantial part of it is good enough to be heard and deserves to be reviewed.

I also took some time to stare out of the window and work on my concept or business model. It all revolves around what in marketing is called ‘customer intimacy’; in my opinion the key route to the future for artists. I am planning to work this out in the next months and then collect people around me to make it reality. All the instruments are there, it’s just a matter of combining them. Stay tuned. Anyone willing to participate, send me a note.