Having a few spare days for myself I decided to finally go forward with my plan to publish my material exclusively online. That’s right : I will no longer (unless invited) publish my works on a physical medium. The Internet is now well enough equiped to be able to serve as a store. I can upload (and so you can download) 24bit FLAC files which offer a better than CD dynamic quality.

And so EARLabs.release is born. There are two lines of action. One is to re-release the high lights of my own catalogue and that of THU20. The other follows that course of the past years. I give you insight in my thoughts and actions and regularly give you a peak into my progress. The end result is published as 24bit FLACs.

At the time of writing I have 10 releases ready to go. Each week there will be another release. This week I started (as you can read below) with a series that has been on my shelf for almost 4 years while it had been started in 2002. I’m glad I can finally share it with you people.

Other releases:

  • IOSS – MAMA, study of a human tongue (2008 remaster)
  • IOSS – I Could Be God (2010 remaster)
  • Jos Smolders and djDMDN – Life Is In Constructed Disorder (2002, soundtrack)
  • Jos Smolders – Lust Beast Forest (2010 remaster)
  • Jos Smolders –  Music for Kalx.com (2010 remaster)
  • Jos Smolders – Textures and Mobiles (with bonus material)
  • Jos Smolders – No Is E Monocle (2008 remaster)
  • THU20 –  eerste insthulatie (2010 remaster)
  • THU20 – Live In Groningen (totally remastered, with bonus material from a radioshow we did for Worm)

I expect all releases to come with additional material when you download the whole package (i.e. there will be tracks that can not be listened to online)