Today the first of a new series of online releases is published. Like a lot of what I do this is an experiment. As regular visitors of my website will know I have been thinking about new business models for music and this one of the steps that I take. I sell my own music (and that of some of my friends) and allow anyone to be able to follow the steps that lead to this release. Just like you are allowed to take a peak into the kitchen of a restaurant before your meal is served.

In the next weeks and months I will disclose other releases, out of my archive and out of THU20’s archive.  This is the first to be released. It is an older series (took some 8 years to see the light of day).

The basis for this release is somewhere in 2002. I heard Asmus Tietchens’ “Von Mund Zu Mund” and immediately heard a radio play in it. “Von Mund Zu Mund” is released on 3 7″ 33rpm records and consists solely of extremely treated recordings of AT’s voice. In its original form they are no more than soundcompositions. In my mind, however, this was some incomprehensible drama that I heard.

I restructured, rebuilt, treated, etc. the material into things that sometimes was similar to the original but most often rendered to something totally different. I concocted a story where there was an opera singer who was murdered on stage. Other characters were a stuttering fan, a tourist guide (who found the body) and a police inspector. After 18 months I had some 30 or 40 minutes of material which I offered to Die Stadt, since they had released the originals. They had other priorities (like re-releasing the entire Tietchens catalogue).

The second stage was that I decided to compose a video component to the music. I worked on this in 2004 and 2005. The result I burned to disc but it never got released (I didn’t send any demo’s). There has been one public presentation of the video in 2005.

After that I forgot all about the music until early 2010. I reshuffled the music again, did some alternative mixing and remastering and decided to publish it online.

So here we are.

This remaster was done in 2010, adding a lot of dynamics to the original. The downloads are also available in 24bit FLAC, so the quality is better than CD (let alone mp3)!!

Read more about FLAC at

If you decide to buy the entire album you will get one extra track.

released 01 May 2010
thanks to Asmus Tietchens for kindly allowing me to use his source material.
Some rights reserved