Yesterday I drove to Rotterdam to do a field recording there. It was a first in a long time that I really went out to do outdoor recordings. Paul Baran asked me to do some recordings in a harbour a while ago and I thought it would be a good idea to go out and do this. I also used a more extensive setup. Normally I go out with my Edirol R-09 and OKM mics but this time I used a condenser mic as well to add more detail.

I went as deep into the docks as possible and found a spot that was quiet and gave a good overview of the sound environment. I recorded at two spots (A and B, the arrows show the direction). Another picture shows the google maps location.

Recording with the condenser mic was more difficult than just jump out of the car and press the record button. The condenser needs the 48volt pre amp. I got this from the cigarette lighter in the car. So I had my laptop running Reaper, hooked to that my Echo Audiofire (with cig lighter voltage) and then the condenser mic. Of course it took me 15 minutes to get this done properly since it was the first time and it was dark (between 8 and 9 PM) and connections kept breaking requiring several reboots. Other cursings weren’t necessary The weather conditions were perfect (dry and very little wind).

I used both the OKM (binaurals) and the Rode NT2a and mixed them together this morning. The combination of the richly detailed condenser with the binaurals yields (in my opinion) a great result. I think I’ll go back there later this year to record at other places.

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