Finally a review of The Drone Gnome by someone who actually thought about it. There was a review on Foxy Digitalis but that one couldn’t be taken seriously as the writer had not bothered to do so in the first place. This one was in a Dutch magazine called Gonzo Cirucs. The reviewer actually listened to the music and thought about the things that I wrote in the press text.

His comment is intelligent and boils down to this: “This disc doesn’t make a smashing impression but it may serve very well as an introduction to drone music.” I agree on both counts. The disc as a whole is somewhat off balance, although I think that both compositions in themselves are good. Otherwise I have been fighting with the ‘genre’ of drone. My goal was to ‘do a drone piece’ and this is as far as I got. But the final conclusion is that I will never be a ‘droner’. Ever. In a peculiar way that’s a relief.