I get regular questions about what a pre review entails. To give you an example here’s a quote from a short pre review I did for a dark ambient release: “listened twice now and made spectrograms of both tracks (see dropbox). The atmosphere is quite suitable for the subject/theme. I see that the structural development is taking place in a very dense and small area of the spectrum.
In track 1 nothing much is happening over 6kHz and track 2 is even quieter > top frequency is 4kHz. Looking at it from that perspective the sound is still remarkably ‘open’ but that is primarily due to the reverb which creates depth.
Your material for track 1 consists of a basic reverberated layer over which you ‘sprinkle’ small sounds that sound closer (due to less reverb). They also stand out because of relatively higher frequencies.Your material fro track 2  consists primarily of harmonic sounds, most times low freqs and then layered with higher freqs (harmonic). 

Personally I think the first track is more up to my alley because there are more ‘actors’ on stage and there is more entering and leaving the stage. There are a number of passages that I would mix somewhat differently but that is a matter of taste. As for track 2 you might consider bringing something new on board after the bass climax of approx. 6-8 minutes. Or taking something away, if you prefer. Just make that climax more meaningful.
It might be interesting to leave the reverb off the beat. That gives it more power (and so you can even take the volume down on that track).Here too, I have several thoughts about the mix (especially the spatiality and stereo image).
And check your phase linearity of track 2. There are various spots where the sound is out of phase.”