As some of you know I have invited myself to the Kapotte Muziek 25 year anniversary party. I shamelessly presented myself before Frans de Waard and offered my services. I support the ideas that are the basis of the KM music as long as I know about them (which is approx. 25 years) and also know Frans personally as long as that. Frans has also, through the years, slowly grown from being a groupie to kernel partner of THU20. So I figured I just HAD TO be in with the crowd there.

So, since I have not performed since that night in Eindhoven (which I think was 2007? any archivists around?) this is something exceptional for me AND the audience.

I am preparing material for this show. I am thinking of using quite a bit of the new material that I’ve prepared (percussive, heavy material), Audiomulch in conjunction with my midi controller and a Tape Recorder. I have gotten an old Akai GX 4400D which is about as old as Kapotte Muziek itself. So that’s sort of appropriate. Dunno what I’m gonna do. Frippertronics perhaps?

Aside of this: reworking my Karawane material. Yes, again!! But the more I learn with the mastering skills ( the more often I think that something or other could be done better. A pain in the butt, but also very gratifying.