After a very long hiatus I will be doing two solo live performances again. [ Extrapool ] in Nijmegen organizes an event to celebrate 25 years of Kapotte Muziek. Date is February 26. Two days later I will be in Amsterdam at the [ OCCII ] in Amsterdam to do something similar.

In the mean time: I have been doing a lot of mastering/remixing of works by Jeff Surak and Alexei Borisov. Noisy stuff that needed and received royal treatment.

The will kick off by February 1st. There are several services. I have been in doubt about the business model, especially the financial aspect. I have decided that I will open shop on a ‘pay what you think is reasonable’ basis. Of course I have a price in mind, and I think I deliver professional quality services but I trust my clients. They will pay me what they can afford and think is reasonable. Plus, if I see/hear that someone is pulling my leg then I still have the right not to do perform.

My own work has been under cover for a while now.