Yesterday a two week holiday started. Lots of snow outside; perfect weather for studio work. I’m working on the follow up to “The Long Haul”. It’s a very rhythmic set up. I worked with a groove and then extended that groove from 120bpm to 20 bpm. Not by simply stretching the original groove sample but by positioning the separate beats further apart. I did this more and more until the groove fell apart. The beats no longer formed a coherent loop. From there on I added other material.

I then re-used the [ Static Base ] composition at 2/3 tempo. This time I stretched the original file. This resulted in a very slow bassy groove that allowed for many many variations. This morning I have been playing with all kinds of treatments breaking down and building up. Next phase is to incorporate this section into the first [ The Long Haul ].

On a different note: Jeff Surak sent a new track with a request to update and master.