Several interesting things happened. First of all I have been working on the track that I discussed last week. At the moment I am primarily working with the structure of the piece. I have elongated the 2nd section in order to enable things to quiet down more. I included a reversed part of the first disc of Dub Zap (tracks 16-21). I also worked on the final part that I showed last week and doubling the beats with samples from Alva Noto’s Unitxt.

Secondly there was a request from Jeff Surak, to enhance a live recording. I was able to return a first result after a day, much faster than I (and Jeff) had expected. I think the quality was excellent.

Wednesday was the day that Franz Fjödor’s CD (labeled as drone, experimental, dark folk) was launched. Since I had mastered the CD I was invited and had a pleasant night with Wouter Jaspers and Steffan De Turck and other people.

Today (Sunday) I had a second session with Steffan and Wouter. Their studio is housed in a derelict building that used to be a printer’s office, with a large hall. We set up the Rode NT2-a and my binaural recorders and started recording the sound of thumping, clanking, scraping, screaming. After two hours we stopped and started discussing the following steps. We uploaded the material through dropbox and are thus able to work it during the following weeks.
We intend to release this material as a second installment of the EARLabs 3. As you may know Entr’acte released the first EARLabs 3 disc earlier. I think it is still available [ here ]. Disquiet’s Marc Weidenbaum quote on this disc: “It’s an investigation; painstaking in its rectitude and attention to detail”. We strive to at least the same level of quality with this one.