I browsed through my collection of half baked stuff today and stumbled upon this thingie. It was done early 2008 when I wanted to go back to my MS-10 and start working from that machine. Although I think this is an interesting half product I doubt it will ever make it as a part of an official release. So here’s an unofficial release. I baptized it “Too Hot To Handle”. The centre is formed by an impromptu with the Korg which is backed up by 3 parts of steady frequencies that yield interference.

download “Too Hot To Handle” [ here ]

EDIT: something went wrong with the upload. To make it up I give you another file. This one’s a really different cup of cocoa. A 14 minutes blast of techno, produced in 2005 and updated today. There’s a weird reverb in a lot of the mix which I couldn’t get rid of. I only had a very final mix at my disposition and no earlier ones to work with. Still, it’s so funny. I couldn’t believe it was me who produced this.

download “Staticbase2005” [ here ]