Today I finished the new Franz Fjödor CD. Been polishing, upgrading the sound and done some suggestions for different arrangements. Lots of work but really fun. Editing the cue sheet was a different matter. I really like it when in my car stereo I can see the track title instead of “track 01”.
I had  been using Nero for years to burn discs but that old version didn’t produce cd text so I started looking for open source software that could provide me with the right material. In the end it was Burrrn, that did the trick.

Read about the new release [ here ].

In the mean time I got new requests from Frans de Waard to master his personal material (for Entr’acte) and the forthcoming Tobacconist release (Tourette Records). I listened to the latter sound material and really like it. Much better than I expected, actually (sorry for lack of confidence, there). Will do my best to produce an excellent sound.

My own material is of course lagging a bit. No worries. By the end of the year I will do a sprint and present you with niceties.