I have so many things going on at the moment that I don’t know where to begin. I am working on soundmaterial by Roel Meelkop, Tore Honore Boe, Howard Stelzer and Wouter Jaspers, plus my own stuff ánd a contribution to an upcoming 25th anniversary compilation for Korm Plastics. And all of the material is tumbling one over the other. Let’s see if I can walk you through:

Roel Meelkop
Roel presented a Reaper project with recordings from Helsinki which he had already structured and layered but which sounded too dull (his words). Actually I liked the basic structure which was formed by some kind of big organ sounds that played a short melody. As if the organ was placed outside on the streets. It had a dreamy atmosphere and so the ‘dull’ sound was actually appropriate. I touched this up by adding an extra layer (duplicating the original ongoing street sounds track) and eq-ing that so that the high frequencies got more power at some places. I also filtered other tracks so that they didn’t get in each other’s way. Roel was enthousiastic about it.

Tore Honore Boe
Tore sent me four old tracks that have been recorded from a live performance. The idea is that I enhance the sound. Difficult. I haven’t really decided about the approach. I can simply polish it or try to deconstruct the frequencies and go deeper….

Howard Stelzer

Howard sent me the original file of “This Map Is A Gift” (2006). This, too, needs remastering. Same doubts. I have already given it a go, though. I have dissected the file and am working on the dynamics and eq. The work is quite dense so it’s impossible to work on the individual sounds that are produced. But it’s definitely getting in the right direction. I will finish this one on Wednesday, latest.

Wouter Jaspers
This is the most extensive commission. Wouter has given me the mixes plus the original tracks of his new -to be released- cd. There’s a dead line, here. So I’ll have to work fast. Hope I’ll make it in time….. The original tracks are beautiful and I think I can make this into something special, but it needs Love Tenderness and Care. I hope I’ll be able to give enough of that….

My own stuff
Have finished two tracks and am working for Korm Plastics compilation.To show you the variation of stuff that’s under my hands here two extracts:

4 loopers ]
cellogo ]