I skipped a week of reporting. Which doesn´t mean nothing happened! On the contrary: I’ve been very busy. First thing: I updated the discography and added a lot of my musical archive. Go check this out [ here ]. There’s more to come but for the time being I think this will keep you entertained.

Next I have sent some personal invitations to people with an offer to do mixing and mastering work for them. This resulted in a few acceptances. I have been doing a mix of a composition (violin, trumpet, saxophone, synths) by Arturas Bumsteinas, and a work by Roel Meelkop. Wouter Jaspers (Franz Fjödor) announced a series of mixes and asked me to prepare them for a master. That job will take a while the next couple of weeks. A bunch of other composers have replied with enthousiasm and announced that they will make use of my services. I will keep you updated of any interesting progress, of course.

Otherwise I have worked out a composition based on a single cello sample. Am satisfied with it and will upload a version soon.