No real progress this week but a lot of tiny developments. I will share them here.

1. I have had five test runs with the final master before it was good enough for me to ship to the label. Main problem was volume levels. First I tried all kind of tiny corrections but couldn’t get it done the way I wanted. After 3 test runs I decided to try with a limiter, but wasn’t satisfied with the ones I used so far. There are millions of plugins (VST/RTAS) around for digital workstations but most of them use sloppy algorhythms that not only correct the problem that is bothering you but also affect other parts of the sound.

I decided to try the Event Horizon limiter that is developed by Stillwell Audio. After some experimenting that resolved the problem sufficiently. It not only works the sound like it should but it’s also reacting lightning fast when you want a sudden change of threshold. It’s definitely a keeper. Reaper has really dozens of small vst’s under the hood and most of them are good (especially for a rock band) but in my case I need precision.

Oh, and by the way: I used Schwa’s Schope as a master monitor for amplitude, frequency spectrum and phase linearity. It’s brilliant in its accuracy.
Anyway, after test run 4 I decided to make a few changes in track 11. Can you believe it? You just keep hearing tiny things that weren’t there before and require immediate fixing… I just stop listening now. It’s all up to you, people.
2. I have invited Wouter Jaspers (Franz Fjödor) and Steffan De Turck (Staplerfahrer) for a chat. Perhaps we can start a project together. We will meet September 1. Strangely, after years of working online I’d like to work together with people in a room, again.
3. I have collected a lot of samples for the ‘dub radio soundtrack‘ project. Nothing much of building, just collecting material. And thinking about the collage technique.
4. I am in the process of transfering a very old project from Audition to Reaper. You can hear the clips in [ these posts ]. I intend to rework them, do a complete sound overhaul and a add new material. Let’s baptize this project ‘mundohr’ for all the obvious reasons. At the moment this is a tedious job. At the Reaper forum someone published a script for translating Cool Edit Pro sessions to Reaper projects. But unfortunately this only works for very simple and straightforward sessions. Which mine are not…. But the material is definitely worth reworking. Interestingly, the material is from 2002-2004 and I had not listened to it since 2006. There is also a video version of the music, but I haven’t watched for so long that I am now able to judge the music completely anew.
5. Listened to my earlier tape experiments. They will get a place in both the ‘dub radio soundtrack’ project and the ‘Mundohr’ project.

6. Back to plugins, finally. Yesterday I saw that Jeroen Breebaart is working on a new plugin which looks quite interesting. It’s a plugin which allows you to work with headphones on. Normally that is ill advised, because with headphones on you don’t hear the indirect reflections of the room acoustics. On the other hand all studios have problems with these room acoustics, creating the ideal space for monitoring the sound. Breebaart is working on a plugin which emulates this ideal listening space. Quite a challenge. But Breebaart is not just your average joe the nerd. He works at the Philips labs as a researcher and product developer and has many patents to his name. He has also produced other plugins and sells them at ridiculously low prices from his site.
7. finally finally, I have been thinking about my activities for other musicians and composers. It is slowly taking shape. I intend to set up a ‘business’ where I mix and remix, master and remaster works for others and I will coach and consult in the creative process. If you like me to mix/master, remix/remaster your works, just contact me. If you wish my services to be done discretely (that is: without anyone in the world besides you and me knowing about it), this is of course possible.