As I wrote a few weeks ago I have been working on stuff with beats and melodies. My first attempts were a bit lame, of course, due to inexperience on the subject. Recently things are working in a more acceptable fashion. Slow, minimal beats with sparse bass tunes. It sort of reminds me of Rhythm and Sound but then even more abstract.

I now have some 12 basics, which I want to expand. Expand meaning working out variation on the theme, both in rhythm and sound (:) ). A lot comes down to nifty mixing and fat (phat) production skills. It’s quite rewarding work, since rhythm is brain candy and my brain immediately sucks up what comes out of the speakers. Juicing the sound up (phat!!) further enhances the experience.
I work with Reaper and Reaper’s Reasamplomatic vst (a very nifty and lightweight sampler), with Reaper’s Reasynth (yes, a very nifty and lightweight synth) and especially with e-phonic’s Drumatic. The latter VST works a bit like the TR606 and has 6 channels out so that I can send each instrument to a different track for further production. I worked out a track template so that I can easily include this Drumatic setup into my Reaper session.
If you want to have the Reaper tracktemplate, [ here] is the link. (right-mouseclick)
Drumatic can be downloaded [ here ].
Soundsamples will included in my message next week.