Last weekend THU20 spent another day at EARLabs studio. We have been working on a piece that will be part of the Zelphabet series that is released by GX Juppiter Larsen. The first session (January 11, 2009 see blogpost there) we recorded live and input the result directly into the computer. This session we started to construct a composition based on the live session. We actually used a visual score for playing: a photograph of a part of my table cloth. How inspiring!!

So this Sunday we used Reaper to go through all of the tracks and decided where we want things out and where they come in and what needs to be shifted back and forth. By the end of the day we had a piece which you can hear in this section

[ Start ]
[ Middle ]

The end of the composition hasn’t been touched yet.
On Tuesday I decided to give the start piece another go because I thought the start was sounding flat, despite the (intentional) chaotic atmosphere. The result of this session you can hear in the following sample

[ Start 2 ]

Mind you: this second mix is also just something provisional. It is definitely not the final mix!!! As we are extremely difficult to get in touch with having our own busy lives, I have no idea when the next session will be. It is our intention to make that the final one and finish it up. Stay tuned.