I haven’t been writing at this blog for a while. That has to do with pressure on other fronts. In the mean time I HAVE been working on stuff, but it’s all experiments in the same line as I talked about in my previous posts. I don’t expect real works to be coming off it. As I am a project freak all of my etudes have gone in a folder called “easylistening”. Funnily I am experimenting with easy listening stuff. I can tell you: it’s definitely not easy to construct something that is easy to listen to.

For the time being I’m in the phase where I copy the works of other people (most notably that of Brian Eno, but also more modern stuff, and 80’s stuff, etc). In the meantime I work with structure, schemes, chords, twiddling synthesizers, rhythm machines. I suppose that in due time I will find a version that feels like it’s mine. And then the real work begins. Or it doesn’t; if I’m fed up. And maybe I’ll return to my difficult listening music.

Oh, before I forget: I also did some nice tape experiments. But the results have gone in the folder “tape experiments” and will be used in a future project.