I suddenly feel like I shouldn’t make the usual things. I want to do something else. Because I’m reading this Eno biography (almost finished) I thought I’d do something in that ambient direction. So I hooked up my keyboard and dived into the softsynths that I have collected ( I made use of the Korg Polysix and Stillwell’s Olga here).
Learning to deal with MIDI in Reaper was fun. Works like a charm, quick and easy just like the rest of this application. I have tried loads of rhythm (reasamplomatic5000), melody, ambience and today came to something that actually gets somewhere.

It’s got no name, it’s not nearly finished (needs sound balancing and lots of other stuff), but it’s something that gives a hint about the direction I’d like to be heading for a while. It’s got rhythm, it’s got a melody, it’s got atmosphere. Ha!

check it out [ here ]