This week the new online project with Christopher and Sascha has been firing up. We have agreed upon the logistics: Reaper as the main platform, Dropbox as the exchange platform. We will work as much as possible with 24/32bit files and all files will be in FLAC format.. I think that’s currently a good balance between soundquality and transportability.

The previous project, released as Helix by [ Entr’acte ], we worked with different platforms (Audition and ProTools) and we exchanged through a personal server. Most files were in 16bit format. Although we all love the result of that enterprise we think we should do better next time.

Of course we will keep you updated of our progress through these lines. today I am converting a lot of wav files into flac and placing them in our ‘flea-market’ folder. There is now one test project which we use to, well, test šŸ˜‰ .