Was for six hours inside the studio today, but there was too much distraction. As usual I started fumbling with the insulation once I thought I heard some noise. It’s because I work with these extremely silent parts that hear the smallest noises. Today a mattress in my doorway worked wonders….

As I said before I am in the process of glueing everything together. I am now experimenting with the indoor field recordings which I use as buffers between the compositions but also as an overlay (or underlay, a bed) for the existing stuff (piano and voice).

And almost everytime I listen to stuff that was supposed to be finished (or maybe not) I hear things that need tweaking. I know that these moments will diminish but still, it’s annoying. Today I worked for hours on a beast of a project that’s so heavy I had to reboot twice when it iced my computer. I decided to work with rendered bundles or groups of tracks in a new project and take it from there. Okay, so I (again) took out a lot of piano notes, leaving more space for other things. The work is now more smooth, not so bumpy. As an example there are two samples:

[ this one ] is the original, with lots of heavy notes
[ this one ] is the new version.

On the side: I’m reading the new Brian Eno biography. Give you details later. It’s quite a detailed, but difficult read.