Tried fruitlessly to compose ‘presque rien’. An inhouse field recording with imaginary inhabitants. Terribly difficult. The stuff is supposed to be barely audible so I have to compose at very low volume. It’s actually quite different from composing with your speakers really open. I have two of those landscapes here for your download/listening.

I started out with a basic recording of my living room. Recorded with the OKM mics (for binaural sound) together with the Rode (for extra detail). I then created a 3d reverb sound (in Reaper) and positioned other sounds ‘in’ the space.

In itself it’s not bad, but when I tried two pieces to hear how they fitted in with the piano and voice pieces it simply didn’t work. So, I have to go back to the drawing board. On the one hand the silent pieces need to be more silent. On the other hand, ….well, it needs to be ‘music’, doesn’t it?

[ trial 1 ]
[ trial 2 ]

In these pieces the positioning of the different parts is still crude, just like the volume balances, and so on. It’s really rough material.
Okay, so I’ll try something different next time.