Yesterday I went over to a first session of collating the various parts for K146. I got to a satisfactory structure quite quickly but of course the various connective parts needed adjustment.

I did a complete overhaul of one part. It’s the part that precedes the part that I published a few days earlier. Initially it consisted of recordings of the river which I placed one after the other, while shortening the parts on the way. So for instance, the first block was 20 seconds, the second one 15 secs, then 10, 8, 5, etc. The end result would be a tension that collapsed and then falls apart in the next part (that I published on April 15, 2009). The result was not good enough, though.

New approach
I have split some 12 recordings into 9 slices (0-75hz, 75-150hz, etc) and used the slices to built up a new, imaginary river. The build up structure is again going with an increasing speed, so the tension also builds up. Because the material is more detailed it is also more flexible for my use and the new result is much better.

Next step is looking at the right volume balance, the crossovers of the several parts and taking care of phase problems (which I can handle quite well with a VST plug called[ Flux, Stereo Tool ]). Then finally a mixdown from 32bit to 16bit and we’re done.

Next weekend the cat will be in the bag. Below is a snapshot of my Reaper mix session (click on it to enlarge). The part that is overhauled is the first 1 minute of “T.wav”.