Today I did some final tweaking of the music for Moving Furniture. In the end I added a tail to the first part so that the transition into the second part is more smoothly and also fits better, timing wise. So, currently the stuff is being rendered to 16bits (see if there are no nasty glitches as a result from the transition from 24bits to 16bits) and then I leave the master disc for Sietse to come and get it.

There are now two pieces with a total length of some 25-30 minutes. They concentrate for the most part on droney layers of sound, sometimes harmonical, at other times noisy. Sometimes quiet, at other times loud. Keep checking the [ Moving Furniture Records ] site.

Below is a link to a special lo-res mp3 which gives you an idea of what the first composition is like. You get the picture of the structure 🙂 and the cdr will give you the extremely brilliant soundquality ‘en plus’.

[ movingfurniture1 – specialmix ]