Further progress moving Sietse’s furniture. I decided to add a tail to the new tail of the Nautilus (can you follow?). The first tail ends with an extensive reverberated and delayed loopyloop. I was in the mood of trying to get a very big reverb. But listening to the reverbed loop I heard noise. Reverb just blurs any detail and what you get is smudgy layer of coloured noise. With some details in it. Like peanut butter with little parts in it. Actually I like the parts better than the butter. And so it is with the reverbed noise.

Okay, so when ‘noise’ entered my inner ear I remembered that I still had a noise piece in my directory of unpublished works. It carries the ominous title “admonition for David Jackman” and those of you who know the works of this particular gentleman can see something coming. So, next to a 2nd rendition of Nautilus Pompilius we now also have a new version of the Jackman-inspired compo. There is also a Masami Akita admonition by the way. And Steven Stapleton and Andrew MacKenzie. It was just a series in which I addressed the sonic language of those 80s heroes.

But anyway, the addition of this noise piece really spices things up. It’s not for the weak, but the end of this part yields some interesting sonic phenomena. So. Check it out.