This morning I thought it might be a good idea to make a new rendition of an old composition: Nautilus Pompilius. I construed this work a couple years ago as a contribution to a Bremsstrahlung Records compilation. Read all about this compilation [ here ]. At the time my approach was purely conceptual. Pitches and intervals were calculated using the golden mean. I stopped there and was quite happy with my daunt approach and an interesting result. But I wasn’t quite happy with how it ended. The original ends with a bang.

For the new Moving Furniture release I decided to make a new rendition, this time with a different ending. The piece builds up exactly as before but after the big bang I have constructed a new part that is entirely intuitively constructed. The material I used is from the same period as Nautilus Pompilius. They are bits and pieces that fit nicely with the frequencies of NP.

As usual I let the material rest for a week or so and then return to it and make final arrangements. Below is a part of the original Nautilus Pompilius for [ download ].