Finally, more than a year after its completion, the cooperative works with Sascha Neudeck (upper picture) and Christopher McFall (lower picture) have been released. This coop started when Christopher and I exchanged ideas about stuff that we worked on and had released. I set up a webserver which was used as an exchange platform. Each of us placed basic material on the server which the other guy then downloaded and included into a composition. This worked quite nice. Then after a while Sascha who also circled around in my EARLabs network proposed a cooperative project. We suggested that he joined our duo project which then became a trio.

We then decided to produce 6 pieces. Each duo producing 2. Each duo had one piece started by one with alterations and additions by the counterpart and another started by the other. Etcetera. This worked really fine as we all had approximately the same basic idea but also our own approaches to sound. That way we sort of meandered around each other. That was what lead to the idea of the title: Helix.

The production was finished by the end of summer 2007. Allon Kaye of [ Entr’acte ] decided to publish it but it did take a while. We were okay with it and moved on with our personal projects (like Gaussian Transient which was my immediate successive project). Then, early 2008 Allon requested a new master and so I remastered the original and sent that one off. That was, I believe May 2008. And now the result is seeing the light of day.


[ Listen ] to a special mix I brew for Entr’acte!

Cheers, Allon!!!