I started work on two pieces that will be released by Sietse van Erve on his [ moving furniture ] label. Next to the driving force behind this label Sietse also regularly performs as Orphax AND has been the most important keeper of the house of EARLabs.

I haven’t got a definite approach yet. Sietse is very keen on dronish music (which is really not my style) and I try to do something that fits his bill. I rummaged through my ‘unpublished’ section of works and found something that started as a study into harmony but has grown into something which could be labeled ‘drone’. Unfortunately it was built up with Audition, so I have been transfering it (item by item) onto Reaper. I’m all set now and ready to finish it. Here’s a [ sound sample ] of a very rough mix. It gives you an idea of what it is made of. Total length is 8.5 minutes. It starts with a recording of cars passing an overhead carriage way. This connects it to a piece I wrote for my friend Peter Knijnenburg as an ‘in memoriam’. This work ends with the passing cars. Immediately after I finished that tribute composition (which I will publish during the summer, btw) I worked on this harmony study, August and September 2007.

I intend to combine this harmonic work with a second piece which will be all new. I have yet to figure out what that’s gonna be. But you’ll read about it here!

As yet there is no title and no release date set.