Today we had THU20 in the studio. We are preparing a piece for a compilation series, that is being released by GX Jupitter Larsen’s It was actually the first time Frans de Waard, who has been a member of THU20 for years and joined us during concerts, in the studio as a THUboy. The piece we’re working on will be some 16 minutes long. Today we set up a score and played a couple of live improvs, recorded multichannel into the computer. Later these recordings we rearranged so that they fit better with the score. Next session is due on February 22.

I am not allowed to let you hear some provisional results but I can assure you it is first class THU20 stuff !!! The pictures here show Roel (left) and Sjak (DMDN) together during a break and Frans on the picture below. In front of Roel is his infamous Korg MS20 modification. It’s a MS20 without the keyboards. It’s got all the normal functions but this way it’s much easier to take it on tour.