More experiments with the tape deck. Mostly the technique I use is that I record base material (from the S.A.T.I.E. project and the poetry material) while pulling the tape along the eraser/recording/play back heads manually. While doing so I sometimes allow the tape to hit the eraser and/or the recording head. Then I rerun it and do another recording. The result is recorded into the computer again and will serve as new material for further development. I have already a few thoughts for a structure into which this will fit. It may also be good stuffing for the eventual S.A.T.I.E project.

Working outside the computer is very satisfying. I haven’t been moving in my studio like this in years. But I have a new workshop now with a special desk for recording (new mic!) and the synth and tape manipulation. I also bought brand new pro cables because the old ones were a bit dodgy. There’s another 200 bucks in my wallet waiting to be spent on something musical…… what shall it be?