Ooh! I have done something bad! I opened up my crackle box sawing a part of the bottom off with a fine saw. I want to connect the output straight into my computer. That’s whyh. It was actually forbidden by STEIM but what can you do with anarchist artists, right?

And after the sawing party, while I was looking for a shop to buy myself a plug thing (I actually don’t know what they are called in English) I remembered good old THU20 and how we used to connect our analog gear with the boxes which are displayed here to the left. Guess what? A crackle box fits quite nicely inside such connector. So the next phase will be to solder the output of the cracklebox to connect it with the intestines of the THUbox and then (hopefully) rock on.

To make it all up I have ordered a second cracklebox which I will leave intact. Promise.