Today, on the last day of 2008 I bought a new microphone: the famous Rode NT2a. Ever since I got a new soundcard, with phantom power for condenser mics, I have wanted to do decent recording. I bought a relatively cheap condenser Marshall MXL990 a few months ago but it didn’t yield the results I wanted. Then I heard a recording from the Entr’acte label, EVOL – Punani Rubber Ist, which featured acoustic recordings done with this mic and I was sold to it.

The past few weeks I did some market research and am convinced that this is (of course within this price range) the best mic to get. Soooooo, tonight I will do some recording of the new year’s bonfires with both the MXL and NT2a. See how that will work out.

This weekend I will try to set up a nice recording cubicle in the studio so that I can record with unwanted reflections or outside sounds.