Well, I have gotten through all of the compositions of voice and piano once again and decided what can stay and what is to be abandoned (50%, mainly of the vocal works). I am currently rendering all of the (provisional) master mixes so that I can assemble them into one whole. There’s some administration involved here. I have timed the parts that are to be incorporated so that I have an idea of the total body. Currently it’s 50 minutes of material: 2/3 is piano related, the other part poetry.

The next phase will involve mainly deciding upon the order and what material I need to make to collage it all together. Most times this leads to new insights and thus more adaptation of the existing material. Other work is bringing all works in the right volume balance, working out small details (ticks, clicks, etc), polishing the sound, and create a perfect master mix. And I have been working on this for some 12 months already…. But I’m glad that I have been able to get a grip on the stuff again.

I still need to find a common denominator for all of this. When I started I had a smokey pub in mind where drunken poets recited their latest drivel, sometimes accompanied by weird piano playing. As a sort of physical metaphor to connect these two main soundsources. At the moment I’m open to other suggestions (by myself), though.

Other good news is that it looks like I’ve found myself a publisher for all this. I can’t tell you what label it is, because it’s not a signed deal yet. Later.