I have been listening a lot to one of the latest releases of Lee ‘scratch’ Perry, Repentance. By himself Perry is already legend, of course. A madman., age 70. But a brilliant one, or perhaps one of those figures who always get picked up by someone who takes care of them. Perry seems to be doing well, despite his juggled mind.

Anyway: Repentance is a masterpiece. Not only because of the lyrics and the grooves and such but because the production is really damn good! It rocks, it funks and it still is crystal clear. Every instrument is at the right spot with the space it deserves. Wow!! The producer is a certain Andrew W.K. who appears to have some fame but I don’t know anything about him. Hmm, checking him out on the Web doesn’t really give him a ticket for one of my parties. Jeezz, this is the typical overloaded, no headroom US rock. Read more about the production [ here ]. But you’d better just listen to the album.
This is Perry’s 54th album release, btw. Considering the moroness of AWK’s other music Perry’s influence on the production must have been biggggg!